Untitled Chapters is a new London based online brand founded by the creative director and designer, Claire Judge.

Untitled Chapters offers a modular system of high-tech, sustainable and adaptable three piece suits for work or leisure.

Drawing inspiration from her Chinese heritage and from the traditional Chinese suit, Claire creates a considered range of interchangeable and reversible three-piece suits with a choice of add-on collars, forming the ultimate modular wardrobe. The subtlety and minimalism of the traditional Chinese 'uniform', a simple silhouette in an infinite number of prints and colours, informs the spirit of Untitled Chapters.

The suits are made in a plant-based, recycled polyester fabric with a shape-retaining, crease-resistant resilience: the suits are comfortable beyond words, machine washable, lightweight and perfect for travel.

Untitled Chapters is the answer to a busy millennial lifestyle and responds to a consumer who wants to waste less and own less and who does not want to waste time making decisions about what they wear.

A minimal personalised uniform.

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